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Being a car or truck enthusiast is not easy; we can be an obsessive lot and not easily understood by the masses. Our passion can take many forms, from motorcycles, 2-seater sports cars and out all luxury sedans to performance SUVs and full-sized trucks built for extreme off-roading, and everything in between. And for the few with the means, maybe a little or a lot of everything at once.

As car and truck enthusiasts, we want to "experience" our vehicles and not just as tools of transportation; the experience of ownership can have many drivers (pun intended) whether it be in form and aesthetics, functionality and utility, all-out performance, or any combination thereof. But in the end, car and truck enthusiasts love to share their experiences with their vehicles; magazine subscriptions and online forums, blogs, videos, or in real time at the track, during a street cruise, out on the trail, or at the local car show.

Having owned more than a few different kinds of vehicles over the years (will not mention numbers to protect the guilty) and having shared many of my truck and SUV builds on various forums, as well as having some of my finished builds featured on various aftermarket sites, I thought it might be helpful for others to see what they might consider when building their own rides and also to have a place to discuss ideas and options. However, the main difference I try to make during builds is to have personal-use vehicles that are unique while enhancing their factory features and functions without breaking the bank. You won’t find any ricers getting high on nitrous or  10-inch lifted “bro” truck builds here as there are plenty of other blogs and forum sites that cater to those. But if you’re looking for demonstrated ideas to fully "experience" your vehicle through tasteful modifications while retaining its original purpose as a daily driver, family hauler, or work vehicle while also serving as the weekend toy, you might have found the right place.



Tundra Sky 2

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This site is a work in progress, so please be patient as content will be constantly changing or evolving. But I am also very open to ideas and/or topics that you might feel will be useful so feel free to email me. And finally, I hope you enjoy!