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  1. What are the wheel off sets and specs you got? I just picked up an 07 Tundra Limited Silver with the Redrock interior. Your truck actually inspired me to find this a year ago when I started selling Toyotas. I would like to have bought a newer Tundra but I got what works for the budget. I am trying to do a replica of your truck! Nice site…

    1. STPTRD; my sincere apologies for the very late reply as your message got buried in some unwanted spam and I did not notice it until now. My response is probably too late to do you any good but to answer your question my truck is running 20×9 wheels with +18MM offset under a 3-inch lift provided by the King OE Performance System with remote reservoirs and Total Chaos UCAs! Thanks for visiting my site and for the compliments! Regards – Paul

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